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Breed-specific, tabletop pet cremation urns—Sculpturns®

Tabletop dog cremation urn
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custom pet cremation urns: Made in the USA

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Emotionally comforting, lifelike custom pet urns
It's a Sculpture and a Pet Urn—it's a ShadowCasts® Sculpturn®

“We have received the sculpturn and we absolutely love it!
Any pet owner who has ever cherished their four-legged family
member would find your products comforting as well as pleasing
to the eye. I could not have found a more lifelike resemblance
to my dear departed German Shepherd ****“General”****”
—Cathy, “Pet Parent”, Romeoville, IL

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Because our award winning handcrafted LifeCast dog urns
and cat urns are Made in the USA, custom paint and eye-color
options are availale.

Beagle pet urn
Dog urn

Boxer pet urn
Dog urns

Short-hair pet urn
Short Hair
Cat urns

Dachshund pet urn
Dog urns

German Shepherds pet urn
German Shepherd
Dog urns

Short-hair Tabby pet urn
Short Hair Tabby
Cat urns

Golden Retriever pet urn
Golden Retriever
Dog urns

Labrador Retriever pet urn
Labrador Retriever
Dog urns

Poodle pet urn
Dog urns

Pug pet urn
Dog urns

Yorkshire Terrier pet urn
Yorkshire Terrier
Dog urns

Pet cremation pouches
Pet cremation

Personalized pet tags
Pet tags


Welcome to ShadowCasts®

Our mission is to share with pet parents the incredible “healing” that we experienced from our very first Sculpturn®. Our breed specific custom pet cremation urns (we call them Sculpturns®) are designed as sculptures to provide a discrete, personal, and dignified way to honor your beloved passed pet and keep them in your life forever.

These handcrafted, hand painted, Made in USA ShadowCasts® Sculpturns® will provide a final resting place for your special pet's ashes. These tabletop sculptures are the ultimate lifelike pet memorial intended to evoke warm feelings and fond remembrances of the life you shared. ShadowCasts® can offer you a truly custom pet urn through the use of hand painting and custom eye-color selections.

Enhance your memories, your home or your office, and rest easy knowing your dear companion is safely, respectfully, and lovingly still by your side…for the rest of their life!®

To learn more about the inspiration behind the creation of ShadowCasts® Sculpturns®, we encourage you to read Hershey Crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

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